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Greenwich August 15, 2011

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I’m not big into Maritime history or planetariums, and I’ve never really felt a burning need to be photographed in the eastern and western hemispheres at the same time, so Greenwich was not originally on my sightseeing roster.  After having two people suggest that I take a trip out there, though, I figured it might be worth it. For me, the town itself was the main attraction; Greenwich is another one of those communities that was swallowed up by London back in the day, so (like Hampstead) it still has a “village” feel.  The town center (the part that’s worth seeing for most tourists/visitors) is pretty small and easy to navigate.  Here are a couple of photos to set the scene:


I didn’t do any of the museums while I was there (as I said…not really up my alley in terms of interest), but I had to head to the park. It’s getting pretty late in the summer, but there are still plenty of flowers to enjoy:


The main reason I wanted to go to Greenwich today was the fabulous views of London that I was promised.  They definitely didn’t disappoint!  It’s quite a hike uphill to the Royal Observatory, but it’s totally worth it.  These were the best views I’ve gotten of the city so far.  You really have to be there (or have a better camera than mine) to get the full panoramic effect, but this will give you some idea:


I did about five minutes of research on Greenwich before going today, and one thing I learned was that it’s a hot spot for filming movies and tv shows.  Some of the last “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie was shot there, in fact, and one of Jack Sparrow’s costumes is on display.  Learning that was interesting, but I didn’t think much about it….until I got there and saw a whole bunch of movie trailers and people wandering around in Victorian era costumes. 🙂  It turns out that they were filming scenes for a BBC production of Great Expectations today.  I have to confess: I HATED the book.  Seriously; it’s my second most hated Dickens novel after The Old Curiosity Shop.  Even so, watching the filming was pretty cool.  The bit I saw basically involved a bunch of people who I think were extras walking across the street.  It took all of five seconds, but they shot it at least three or four times.  I also saw another brief scene as I was passing by later where the actor playing Pip (main character…the actor is also going to be Romeo in the new Romeo and Juliet that’s apparently being made in the near future) had to get out of a carriage, look at a piece of paper, and then walk away.  Couldn’t get a good enough angle on him, but here are some of the extras (don’t worry, photos were allowed…no paparazzi here!)

So…who wants to play dress up? 😀