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My three months of adventures in London!

“Far have I traveled and much have I seen…” November 6, 2011

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I’ve been home for about three and a half days now, and I still can’t believe that my London adventure is over.  Those were seriously the FASTEST three months of my life.  I actually feel like I’ve been home for longer than I was in London!  The last few weeks I was there, I found myself getting anxious that I’d leave without doing or seeing something that I wanted to.  I kept asking myself if I should go to this park one more time, or visit that museum again.  In the end, though, I just had to stop worrying about it because I did a pretty good job of getting the most out of my trip!


I’ve been asked a few times what the highlight of my trip was.  I haven’t really been able to answer that, because I couldn’t pick just one.  Les Mis was fantastic, of course.  So were the deer in Richmond Park, and being out in the city at night, and all the FABULOUS candy.  Even school was better over there; being able to read about a particular time period and then go to a museum and actually SEE objects from that time really added to the experience.   Also… I SPENT THREE MONTHS IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY.  Not everyone can say that. 🙂


So….what’s next?  Finishing school, for one.  I’m done in December, so getting that out of the way is a priority.  I’ll need to go back to work at some point, but I’m trying not to think about that.  Don’t get me wrong; it’s not that I don’t WANT to work.  I just don’t want to have to settle for the same old crummy jobs that have made me so unhappy for so long, and I’m afraid I’ll have to.  Instead of worrying about that, though, I’m looking ahead to the book I want to write about my trip.  It’ll be satisfying to actually put time and effort into writing about everything, and writing it well.  In all honesty, I didn’t do that here.  Blogging was a pain more than anything (there were always so many other things I wanted to be doing), so I didn’t put the time into it that I would have liked.  Plus, there are one or two adventures that I DIDN’T write about.  That will have to wait until school is over, though…..as I said, finish that is my priority for now. 🙂  Who knows, though…maybe my book will be such a raging success that crummy jobs won’t even be an issue anymore! 😉


So…I guess that’s it for now.    Goodbye until my next trip! 😀




Last Day November 2, 2011

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Well, the time has come: my three months in London are almost over, and I fly home in just over 12 hours.  I had good final full day here, though.  It didn’t start off particularly fascinating, seeing as I spent most of the morning doing laundry. 🙂  This afternoon and evening, though, were all about fun.


I went up in the London Eye this evening around 5pm.  I had always planned to do the Eye on one of my final nights here, so I could get one last look over the city.  Since I went up during the day when I was here in 2009, I really wanted a chance to look out over London in the dark, when it was all lit up.  It ALMOST wasn’t dark enough by 5, even though the sun set at 4:30.  I dawdled my way through the line as much as I could without making anyone suspicious, though, and gave the sun a chance to set just a little bit more.  By the time my capsule reached the top of the wheel, it was definitely night.  It was SO WORTH IT; before the sun dropped completely away, I felt like I was in that scene from Mary Poppins when they’re on the roof, looking out over the city.  The skyline is just slightly more modern now, of course….and not part of a Hollywood soundstage. 😛

I thought nighttime photography was tough when I was standing in one place, but trying to take pictures with slow shutter speed in dim light in a moving object with my shaky hands was even tougher.  The fact that I had nothing to brace myself against didn’t help.  Once again, I found myself wishing for my tripod (which probably wouldn’t have been allowed on the Eye), but I did okay without it:



The London Eye is one of those expensive, touristy things that I think is worth it.  You’ll save money if you book online ahead of time, and you can buy combo tickets that will get you into other attractions as well.  I also saw something about an option that lets you ride twice in one day: once when it’s light out and once in the dark.  That’s not a bad idea, if you can’t decide which you’d prefer.  I’m not sure I could decide, now that I’ve experienced both; photo opportunities are better during the day, and when the weather is good, you can apparently see as far as Windsor Castle.  There’s just something about London at night, though…I wouldn’t hate going again after dark!


After I was done on the Eye, my friends took me to a local pub for dinner.  That was something I had been wanting to do for ages (I also wanted to back in 2009), but I never got around to it.  It was fantastic; the food was great, and the prices were amazing.  The place wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be, given the aforementioned prices and good food.  I’m told that the smoking ban has a lot to do with why some pubs are a bit less populated than they used to be.  That’s a shame, but as a non-smoker….I don’t totally hate it. 🙂


It’s after 2am right now, and even though I’m not particularly sleepy yet, I think it’s time I start winding down.  Tomorrow morning is going to come awfully early, and I’m planning to start for the airport early.  At some point within the next few days, though, I’ll be back to summarize everything. 🙂