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“It’s like a heat wave….” September 30, 2011

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London is in the middle of a major heat wave right now.  For days, it’s been over 80 degrees (I believe at least one record has been broken with others to follow before this is over), and I’ve seen more sun and blue skies since the middle of this week than I’ve seen in the past two months put together.  The sun part is fine, but here’s the thing about me: I HAAAAATE hot weather!  Hot weather makes me cranky and sweaty and it sucks the energy right out of me.  The Central Line of the Tube (which is roasting on most days) is like an oven.  People have actually fainted while riding the Tube in weather like this.  I’m just grateful that most of the tourist crowds have gone home; dealing with all those extra people would have made things even worse.


Londoners in general seem to cope a lot better with weird weather like this than I do.  I haven’t heard much complaining; people just put their sweaters away, bring out the shorts and t-shirts, and head out to the parks to make the most of this mini-summer.  I can understand that last part; days that are completely sunny are about as rare here as they are in Seattle, if not more so.


The hot weather isn’t all bad; the blue skies make for some fantastic photography.  I’ve been heading out later in the afternoon for the last few days and taking advantage of the pretty light.  Another note for you photographers out there: first thing in the morning and right before sunset tend to offer excellent lighting conditions.  Since I hate early mornings even more than heat waves, it’s all about the afternoons for me. 🙂


I’m just about to start my final month here, which is hard to believe.  That means it’s almost time for some of the stuff I’ve been putting off until the end of the trip: touring St. Paul’s, seeing Les Mis, taking a Beefeater tour at the Tower of London,spending the day in York and riding the London Eye at night are a few of the things I have planned.  That won’t take a full month, of course, but one thing I’ve learned on this trip is to expect the unexpected.  Who knows what other things I might still discover? 😀


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  1. Hels Says:

    I’ll have a chat with Maurice on Tuesday about the tour!

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