Temporary Brit

My three months of adventures in London!

Goodbye, Bath! September 23, 2011


Day #3 in Bath was pretty abbreviated.  Checkout time at my B and B was 10am, but my train wasn’t scheduled to leave until 2:45pm, so I still had a good amount of sightseeing time.  Unfortunately, I had to carry all my gear with me the whole time; both of the owners of the B and B were going to be gone during the time I would have needed to go back to pick it up.  That part wasn’t fun, but I survived. 🙂  I walked through most of the city again, taking a few last minute pictures.  I also made it down to the riverside, which is where I took the picture above.  The river is the Avon, in case you were wondering.


I went back up to the Royal Crescent and walked through Royal Victoria Park, which is just below.  Again, I kind of regretted not scheduling Bath for next month, right before I leave, because the fall colors are going to be amazing!  I also peeked inside the Pump Room, just to say I did for the sake of all you Jane Austen fans out there. 🙂


I like to get to train stations somewhat early, even when I have a reservation.  I didn’t need to do that today, though; all trains were either delayed or cancelled due to a “tresspasser” somewhere else down the line.  Not sure what that means, but I’m just glad my train was still running!  I managed to get some reading done for school on the way back, when I wasn’t looking out the window and enjoying the English countryside. 🙂


Finally, I have to put in another good word for the Apple Tree Guest House (www.appletreeguesthouse.com).  I had a great experience staying there, and I would highly recommend it to anyone needing a place to sleep while in Bath.  The couple that owns the place couldn’t be nicer, and the house is very well maintained.  The breakfasts are great, too.  They weren’t doing full cooked breakfasts while I was there, but the continental breakfast offered a ton of options.  The toast was seriously the best I’ve ever had. It’s a short walk (no hills) into town, and a short walk from both the train and bus stations.  There ARE lots of stairs, though, and the internet connection can be a bit shaky, depending on where you are in the house.  Those things should only be problems if you’re there on business and need reliable internet all the time, and the stairs aren’t a big deal unless you have mobility issues.  Also….they leave hot chocolate AND mini Cadbury bars in the room. 🙂


I’m back in London now, and it feels like ages since I left.  It was really only two days, though. 🙂  Time to get back to the daily grind of sightseeing and schoolwork!


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