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My three months of adventures in London!

“The only difference that I seeeeeee…..” September 9, 2011

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Now that I’ve been in London for almost a month and a half, I thought it might be fun if I shared with all of you some of the differences I’ve noticed between this city and Seattle.  Here goes:

  • London is a lot older (duh…).  In Seattle, it’s a big deal if a building is 100 years old.  In London, that’s nothing.  This is definitely the place to be if you like history!
  • London is much more multicultural than Seattle.  I don’t know how many times I’ve looked around my Tube car when I’m riding into town and seen people of every possible description, just in that one small area.  I love all the different languages, dress, customs, etc.  We DO have decent ethnic communities in Seattle, of course, but they aren’t as varied and don’t shine like the ones here do.
  • Much of downtown Seattle smells like pee.  Much of downtown London does not.  I think this one is pretty self explanatory….
  • Along the same lines, the streets are remarkably litter free here, especially considering the fact that I rarely see street cleaners out and about.  Some parts of Seattle, on the other hand, can be pretty filthy.
  • Things close a LOT earlier here.  We’re used to being able to go to the grocery store at any time of the day or night, but that’s just not possible here.  On Sundays, for instance, one of the major grocery stores in the neighborhood where I’m living closes at 4, and the other one closes at 5. That takes a little getting used to…
  • One thing I CAN’T get used to is the way people drive.  Crosswalks aren’t QUITE as prevalent here, and if you need to cross at a point where there isn’t one, good luck. Pedestrians almost always have the right of way in the U.S., but here, cars generally won’t even stop for you.  If you’re already halfway across the street? They still won’t stop, unless they absolutely have to.  I’m a very experienced pedestrian, but even I feel like I’m taking my life in my hands every time I cross the street.
  • Gun control is much stricter here, from what I can tell.  The police don’t carry them, and I highly doubt that many private citizens can get them, either.

Neither place is better than the other, of course….it’s just fun thinking about this kind of thing. 🙂  Also, sorry for the lack of blog posts this week.  I’ve been pretty devoted to my school work, and I haven’t really been doing much in the way of sightseeing.  That’s going to change.  After all, I may never have a chance like this again, and while good grades are nice and I will be still be working towards that, I need to make sure I’m enjoying the city a little more, too!


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