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My three months of adventures in London!

“Got a plane ticket booked, got my bags at the door….” July 25, 2011

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And so it begins!


After months of planning and waiting, my London adventure is almost here.  Tomorrow evening, I’ll be flying to the UK and I won’t be coming back until the beginning of November.  That’s a total of three months and about five and a half days overseas, if you’re keeping track. 😛  I’m DEFINITELY looking forward to it….but ‘d be lying if I said I haven’t had a few moments when I’ve wondered what the heck I’m doing! I guess that’s pretty natural when it comes to big decisions and changes.


So…how did a trip of this magnitude come about?  It’s pretty simple: way back in late winter, I was feeling pretty discouraged. I’ve been out of work since August of 2009, and NOTHING was happening in the job department.  I thought ahead to this month, when I would have to start living off my savings.  That got me thinking: did I really need to stay in Seattle to do that?  I hadn’t been all that happy here, and I can’t honestly say that I LIKE Seattle that much.  A change of scenery was awfully appealing, and London was really the only place I considered.  I went for a week two years ago, and I think I’ve been a little homesick for it ever since.  I had thought and prayed about going back many times, but something always felt WRONG about the previous plans I made.  This time was different; to my surprise, it felt very, very right, and things just started to fall into place.


This blog is how I’ll keep everyone updated on all my adventures, such as they are.  I can’t promise that I’ll write every day.  In fact, I can pretty much promise you that I WON’T.  I’m not going to London JUST to be a tourist; I’m going to try and live as normally as I can for the time that I’m there.  That means that there will be some days when I won’t really have anything interesting to write.  I don’t think you guys want to read about me going grocery shopping and doing my laundry, do you?  I didn’t think so. 🙂  Plus, I’ll be busy once fall semester starts.  I’m still taking my WSU classes online, and I’ll actually be starting my very last semester about a month from now.  I DO promise to write fairly regularly, though.  You can count on that!


6 Responses to ““Got a plane ticket booked, got my bags at the door….””

  1. CHe4ryl A Randall Says:


    Well you made it. I hope this next three months will be everyhting you want it to be. I kept looking for you church but missed you. By the way Paul will be here in Seattle on November 4th and YES I am set to go.



  2. “Leaving on a jet plane; Don’t know when I’ll be back again….” Oh Emily, I’m soooo jealous!! I loved the time I lived in London, even though it was years & years ago! Look for job with US companies (like law firms). Will miss you, but will be living vicariously through the blog. Happy Trails!! -Jill

  3. Jamie Says:


    LOVE the title of this entry ….good choice! 😉 Hope you’ve arrived safely …and I can’t wait to read about your new “temporary” life!!

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